Pakistan's Lanka (flour wet in poverty)


Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons

A Pakistan Flying Corps official at the news meeting said the item was being broken down forensically and recommended the launch of an investigation that it was a surface-to-surface supersonic rocket, although unarmed.

Pakistan on Friday cautioned New Delhi of the "horrific consequences" of what it said was an Indian-launched, though unidentified high-altitude supersonic item that crashed into Pakistani domain.

Pakistan's unrecognized office said in a clarification that it disagreed with India's charge d'affaires in Islamabad on Friday over what he said was a "ridiculous violation of its airspace". Pakistan needs an investigation into the episode, which it says could endanger passenger flights and regular civilian lives.

Pakistan in a statement asked India to "be aware of the undesirable consequences of such negligence and to refrain from repeating such violations in future".

The two nuclear-clad neighbors have fought three conflicts and occupied various military conflicts, most notably in late 2019, in which flying corps of both took part in the war.

In a sharply convened news meeting late on Thursday, Pakistan's military representative Major-General Babar Iftikhar said, "A fast-moving article on 9 March focused the Pakistan Flying Corps through air security activities inside Indian territory. was obtained through."

He said the army was not aware of the idea of ​​the article, which he said crashed near the east Pakistani town of Mian Channu and started from Haryana's Sirsa.

Pakistan also contacted India to share test results related to the incident.

There was no immediate response from the State Department on a Reuters investigation into the situation.

"The flight route of this article jeopardized many public and global passenger flights in both Indian and Pakistani airspace as well as human existence and land assets," military representative Iftikhar said.

At the news meeting, an official of Pakistan's aviation-based armed forces said the article was being examined forensically and recommended at the start of the investigation that it was a surface-to-surface supersonic rocket, yet unarmed.

He said it flew at Mach 3 at an altitude of 40,000 feet, and flew 124 kilometers (77 mi) over Pakistani airspace before crashing.

Iftikhar said the army would not take a quick decision call until an explanation from India, though added that Pakistan had categorically challenged the "blatant violation" of its airspace.

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